1. Birth Certificate, original copy from NSO
  2. Certificate of No Record of Marriage, Original from NSO
  3. Baptismal Certificate
  4. Confirmation Certificate.
  5. Recent Colored ID Pictures: 3 pcs of 1×1 and 1 piece of 2×2
  6. Interview. The couple is required to undergo canonical interview with the parish priest. Every Thursday: Morning 9 to 11 am at least two weeks before the wedding date BY APPOINTMENT (once only).
  7. Pre-Cana Seminar. The couple should attend a seminar in preparation for marriage. Held every 2nd Sunday of the month 8:30 am to 5pm (once only). They are allowed to attend the seminar in other parish; Discovery Weekend or Catholic Engaged Encounter are also accepted, provided a certificate of attendance must be issued by the parish/personnel where they attended.
  8. Marriage Banns. These are public announcements of the incoming marriage. The banns should be posted for three consecutive weeks at the bulletin board of the church or announced for three consecutive Sundays at their respective parishes. The wedding may be celebrated three days after the last bann. Before the celebration of a marriage, all the faithful are bound to reveal to the parish priest any impediments known to them.
  9. Permission from the Groom or Bride’s Parish Priest. As a general rule, a marriage is supposed to be contracted in the Parish of the groom or Bride. It is a custom based on the old civic virtue of gallantry. Do not be surprised if your are charged for the permission. This depends on the policy of your parish.
  10. Marriage License. This should be requested from the municipal office of the municipality where the Groom or Bride resides. The license has a validity of 120 days. If the couple is already civilly married, please submit the NSO copy of the previous marriage.
  11. List of Sponsors. Please submit a copy of the complete names a month before the wedding date.
  12. Review of Marriage License. Before the final printing of the Marriage Contract, the couple should review the data especially the Name, Address, Date/Place of Birth, Age, Sex, Nationality, Name of Parents, taking special care on the spelling.
  13. Confession. In order to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony in the state of grace, and to receive Holy Communion, the couple should make a good confession at least a week before the wedding ceremony. They are allowed anywhere they wish to have confession.

ADDED REQUIREMENTS (Case to case basis)

Foreigners must submit a legal capacity to contract marriage (if not civilly married) from their respective Embassy in the Philippines or certification from the DFA if they have no embassy in the Philippines.

For Mix Marriages (marriage between a Catholic and a non Catholic) or Disparity of Cult (Marriage between a catholic and a non-Christian/Atheist), a Promise and Declaration form to be filled up in the Parish office during the canonical interview. To be submitted to Imus Chancery Office (Diocese of Imus) for approval. (Tel. 046-471-2786)

For divorced or annulled contracting parties, please submit the copy of official church declaration of nullity of the previous marriage.

If applicant is a Japanese citizen, submit endorsement/clearance from Rev. Fr. Toru Nishimoto, C.SS.R. (Traveler’s Life Building, 490 TM Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila, Tel. 02-5253517 or 02-5243637)

If applicant if a Chinese citizen, secure endorsement/clearance from Fr. Roland U. Aquino, SVD (St. Jude Parish., JP Laurel St., San Miguel, Manila. Tel. 02-7356408)

If widow or widower, please submit a true copy of death certificate of the deceased spouse.

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